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The Essex Fells Police Department Detective Bureau investigates crimes that occur within the Borough of Essex Fells. Detectives that are assigned, investigate crimes such as burglary, theft, criminal mischief, auto theft, identity theft, juvenile matters, etc... along with background investigations for pre-employment and permits/licensing. The detective bureau is staffed by two officers, normally a senior officer along with a junior officer along with a supervisor who  

oversees their duties.


Their assignment is a part time position and a supervisor who oversee their duties. Detectives are rotated every couple of years so that the Borough has well rounded officers patrolling the community.  






Juvenile Detective:


If you are reporting crime, please call 973-226-3000 and an officer will be dispatched to take the report.



The Essex Fells Police Department fingerprints residents only.  If you have a fingerprint card that has been given to you by your employer, call 973-226-3000 / M-F between 8:00am-4:00pm and make an appointment. A resident that fails to make an appointment may be turned away due to officer availability.

Here are just 7 things you can do to help protect your house from burglars:

  1. Lock all doors and windows.

  2. Close your garage.

  3. Install and arm a security system.

  4. Install security camera.

  5. Get a dog.

  6. Illuminate the exterior of your house. 

  7. Secure item like ladders or anything that a burglar would use to access a second floor.

Here are 6 things you can do to help protect your car from theft:

  1. LOCK your doors and widows.

  2. REMOVE any keys from inside the vehicle.

  3. Install an alarm system and anti-theft device.

  4. Install an aftermarket tracking system.

  5. Don’t leave valuables in your car.

  6. Install a vehicle immobilizer device.

Quick Links:

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How to Prevent Identity Theft!!


Below are some helpful tips to prevent Identity Theft:


FBI Identity Theft -

New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice -

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft -

Social Security Administration Fraud -



Online safety:

  • Password-protect files that contain sensitive personal information.

  • Install a virus protection program.

  • Make sure you have a firewall installed on your computer to prevent hackers from accessing vital information on your hard drive.

  • Before recycling your old computer, make sure you run a hard drive “wipe”. This removes all data from your computer.


Protect your mailbox:

  • Remove mail from your mailbox as soon as possible.

  • Purchase a locking mailbox.

  • When sending any sensitive information via mail, deposit it at your local post office.

  • Deliver your mail to a secure PO box.


Credit Cards:

  • Write “See I.D.” in large letters on the back of your credit card where signature line is.

  • Use as few credit cards as possible and monitor them frequently for fraudulent activity.

  • Discard your receipts at home, if possible use a cross cut shredder, DO NOT leave them in the shopping bag.


Your Trash:

  • Prior to throwing away documents that have sensitive personal information, shred them using a cross cut shredder.

  • Cut up and make the numbers on an old credit & bank cards unrecognizable.

  • Junk mail may have identifying information on it. Remove all sensitive information before throwing it away.


Your Social Security Number:

  • Review your Social Security Personal Earnings and Benefits Estimate Statement each year, can be obtained through the Social Security Administration website.

  • Do not use your Social Security Number on job applications. When needed, use it at the interview.




  • Do not put your SSN, credit card account numbers, or phone numbers on your checks.

  • Use a permanent, fine tip pen or marker when writing checks.

  • If you order new checks, have them sent to you at your local bank branch, not at your home. You can pick them up at your bank after showing proper ID.


Monthly Statements:

  • Carefully review all statements from your bank, credit card, home and cell phone every month.

  • If you receive your statement late or not at all, call to find out what happened. It may have been stolen or sent to another address.

  • Report any mistakes, discrepancies or fraud immediately.


Keep an eye on your wallet:

  • Do not keep bank account numbers, passwords, or PINs in your wallet or purse.

  • Do not have your social security card, birth certificate, passport or extra credit cards in your purse or wallet.

  • NEVER leave your wallet or purse unattended.


Credit Reports:

  • Order your credit reports twice per year.

  • Make sure ALL information is correct.

  • Review your reports carefully looking for accounts you did NOT open, unexplained debts, or inquiries you did not initiate.

  • If you see anything fraudulent or suspicious, notify the credit bureau immediately.


Remember, if you think you may be the victim of Identity Theft report it immediately to your local police department.


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