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Where is the Essex Fells Police Department located?

The Police Department is located at 255 Roseland Avenue, between Borough Place and Runnymede Road on Roseland Avenue.  From Eagle Rock Avenue proceed North on Roseland Avenue approximately 0.82 miles, Police Headquarters will be on your left.  From Bloomfield Avenue proceed South on Roseland Avenue approximately 0.77 miles, Police Headquarters will be on your right.  For further information, call (973) 226-3000.

For specific directions go to Google Maps.


What phone number do I call to reach the Police Department and Borough Offices?

General Business: 973-226-3000

Fax: 973-228-6296

Chief's Office: 973-226-3000

Detective Bureau: 973-226-3722

Police Records: 973-226-3000 (Hours are Monday – Friday 8am-4pm)

Municipal Court/Violations: 973-228-6420

Borough Offices: 973-226-3400


How do I obtain copies of police reports?

Police Reports are available Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm. Records is closed on all Federal and State holidays. Please call (973) 226-3000 to be sure that your report is available prior to making your trip.  There is a cost for all reports according to the type of report and its length.  Please ask when you call.  In accordance with the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), persons requesting copies of any records must complete a records request form which is available by downloading the following form: OPRA Form.

This form must be submitted to the borough clerk.

How do I obtain a copy of an accident report?

Accident reports can be obtained by visiting  Please note that accident reports will not be available until five business days following the date of incident. 

Where can I dispose of unused or old medication?

Medication can be dropped off in our “Safe Medication Disposal Bin” located in the main entrance to Borough Hall next to the elevator.

Does the Police Department offer fingerprinting services?

The Police Department no longer provides fingerprinting services for employment, background checks, immigration or any other non-criminal justice purpose unless the fingerprints are required for a Federal purpose or an out-of-state background check. This service is now done by IdentoGO, a New Jersey State Police vendor.

Fingerprinting services (Essex Fells residents) for a federal purpose or an out-of-state background check is by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at 973-226-3000.

All New Jersey related background checks (including residents/businesses) must go through IdentoGO.

For general information about this process click: NJ State Police Criminal History Record Checks

For appointment scheduling click: IdentoGO


How do I pay or access my traffic ticket online?

You can visit NJMCdirect to securely access your traffic ticket information online.


I receive calls from solicitors requesting donations for various police related associations. Are these legitimate? Should I donate to these solicitors?

The Essex Fells Police Department does not solicit over the telephone. The Police Department is a part of the West Essex PBA Local #81. The only solicitation done from the Police Department or PBA Local 81 is through the mail, usually once annually. Calls from all other "law enforcement" organizations are done by telemarketing firms. These solicitations DO NOT benefit the Essex Fells Police Department or PBA Local 81 in any way. These telemarketers are not Police Officers and use high pressure tactics to get you to participate. Several of them will say their solicitations benefit Essex County Police Agencies.

We urge you to use extreme caution should you decide to contribute to these agencies. The only organization making money from this solicitation is the telemarketing firm. If you decide to contribute to any of these organizations, always ask for the name, address and telephone number so that you may call back after careful consideration. Most of them will not give out this information. You may also ask for financial statements and/or budget information prior to making your decision. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Police Department at (973) 226-3000.


Can I leave my vehicle parked in the street overnight?

Per Borough ordinance it is unlawful to park or leave standing any vehicle on any of the streets or roads of the Borough or upon any property owned by the Board of Education for a continuous period of more than 1/2 hour between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and sunrise of any day.  If for some reason you need to leave a vehicle in the roadway overnight, you must contact the Police Department prior to 2 am and request permission. Permission will only be granted if there is no way to park a vehicle in your driveway.  Be advised no permission will be granted during times of snow covered roadways.

Does the Police Department concentrate on certain roadways where speeding vehicles are a problem?

The Police Department's Traffic Unit handles these complaints and problem areas. Police units are assigned to enforcement details in areas where traffic problems have been determined to exist. If you have a specific complaint, please refer it to the Traffic Unit.


Are the use of headlights required when it is raining?

Yes. If you are using your wipers to clear precipitation from your windshield, you must have your headlights on.


Am I required to register my burglar/fire alarm?

Per Essex Fells Borough ordinance 66-3, it is the responsibility of all residents with alarm systems in their homes to file a registration form provided by the Police Department, including, if desired by the resident, the names of authorized persons who can be reached in case of an emergency or malfunction of the alarm device in order that the device can be temporarily disconnected. (It is urged that two such persons be designated.)  Alarm Registration Form

All external audible alarms shall be equipped with a timing device that will automatically silence the external audible alarm within 15 minutes after it is actuated. As to any such external audible alarms, it is urged that at least two persons other than members of the household be responsible for turning off these alarms if the automatic shutoff fails.

What happens if I have a false alarm?

Per Essex Fells Borough ordinance 66-6, persons having alarm devices which are being tested or repaired shall notify the Police Department before tests or repairs commence and after completion of same so as to avoid the possibility of actuating a false alarm.  Please contact 973-226-3000.

Penalties for false alarms or failure to have an external alarm silenced within 15 minutes. 

In any calendar year (January 1 through December 31), the following penalties shall apply:



Incident (False Alarms or Failure to Silence)      Penalty

1st offense                                                                         None

2nd offense                                                                       None

3rd offense                                                                        $40

4th offense                                                                        $75

Subsequent offense                                                     $125

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