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A Drug Recognition Expert, commonly referred to as a DRE, is a Law Enforcement Officer who is trained in identifying impairment of a motor vehicle operator who is under the influence of drugs and in some cases in combination with alcohol.  A DRE uses a systematic and standardized 12 step process for each evaluation to determine whether the operator is impaired due to drugs and to rule out any possible medical conditions.  At the conclusion of this 12 step process, the DRE will compile all the information that is provided to determine if the driver is under the influence of drugs, as well as which type of drug. To become a DRE, officers must complete an intensive three phase training program.  A DRE must stay up to date with the current drug trends and attend training courses to become recertified every two years.  The Essex Fells Police Department has maintained a trained DRE since 2005.  These DREs have assisted in many Driving Under the Influence convictions over the years that may not have been detected without their specialized training.  


Certified Expert:

Sergeant Leigh Leaf #197

Officer Jonathan Berger #181

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