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On October 11, 2023, a resident responded to police headquarters to report an identity theft.  The victim advised a car was purchased and a fraudulent loan was taken out in the victim’s name for a brand new Mercedes Benz valued at $120,000.  With the cooperation of the victim and a thorough investigation by Detective Berger, the suspect was identified as Edwin Konadu, 23, of Newark, New Jersey.  In the early morning of December 27, 2023, Detective Berger, Sgt. Gomes, Officer Brogan, Officer Catherina along with the assistance of officers from Essex County Sheriff’s Department, Cedar Grove Police Department, Verona Police Department and Newark Police Department executed a search warrant at the suspects residence.  Mr. Konadu was traveling out of the country to Ghana at the time of the search warrant and a warrant was issued for Mr. Konadu’s arrest and extradition within the entire United States was approved by a Judge.  Mr. Konadu arrived back in the United States on February 3, 2024, and was placed under arrest by United States Customs and Border Protection Officers.  Mr. Konadu is currently being held at a New York Correctional Facility awaiting extradition to New Jersey.  Mr. Konadu was charged by Detective Berger with one count second degree trafficking of personal information, one count second degree theft of identity, one count second degree theft of a motor vehicle, eleven counts third degree false government documents and one count of a disorderly person’s offense of receiving stolen property.  The investigation is still ongoing.  Thank you to the Essex County Sheriff’s Office, Cedar Grove Police Department, Verona Police Department and Newark Police Department for your assistance.  These charges are merely allegations and Mr. Konadu is presumed innocent until he is found guilty in a court of law.

Authorized By: Chief Darren Volker

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09 Φεβ

Good catch! It’s interesting that even though he travelled to a whole other part of the world, the investigation still went on. Great collaboration with CBP as well!

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