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Scam Alert

DRIVEWAY SEALCOATING SCAM ALERT!!!  Residents, please be aware of recent driveway sealcoating scams that have targeted residents in town.  Below are a few red flags that you can look for in a driveway sealcoating scam.  Cash-only sales.  Most reputable contractors will take checks or credit cards and don’t require payment up front. The Better Business Bureau recommends never paying more than 1/3 up front, and only with a written contract.  There are leftover materials from another job.  Professional asphalt contractors know how much paving material is needed to complete each project.  After getting paid, the scammer then only spreads a “cheap oily material” and quickly leaves.    You are pushed to make a quick decision.  Trustworthy contractors will provide a written estimate. It should specify in detail the work to be performed and the total price.   The company is from out of state.  Look at the truck the representative travels in. If it is unmarked or has an out-of-state license plate, be cautious. Even if the representative claims to have a local phone number, scammers can easily purchase disposable cell phones to provide a local number in the area they are soliciting. Door to door soliciting.  Soliciting in town is not allowed without a permit.  If someone comes to your residence and attempts to solicit business, please contact the police!  Authorized by: Chief Darren Volker 

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