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Fraudulent Document Arrest

On March 26, 2023, Officer Kevan Murphy conducted a motor vehicle stop for no front plate, tinted windows and an expired temporary registration.  The driver, Majed Ilboudo of Newark, 25, provided Officer Murphy his motor vehicle documents.  Officer Murphy issued Mr. Ilboudo several motor vehicle documents and towed the vehicle for the expired registration.  Through a thorough investigation conducted by Officer Murphy it was determined the temporary registration and motor vehicle insurance card were fraudulent.  Officer Murphy charged Mr. Ilboudo criminally with one count of producing, selling, offering, displaying, possessing fraudulent motor vehicle insurance ID cards; penalties.  Mr. Ilboudo was also charged criminally with two counts of offenses involving false government documents.  These charges against Mr. Ilboudo are merely allegations and he is presumed innocent until he is found guilty in a court of law. Authorized by: Captain Scott Jones

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